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The Trendy Vase - black - S

The Trendy Vase - black - S

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Give your dried plants or flowers a special home with this terracotta vase. Available in three sizes, this beautiful vase adds a bohemian style to your living room, bathroom, or covered outdoor space. It's perfect for those who love eco-friendly and mindful living.

Let the natural materials of terracotta connect you to the earth, bringing peace and balance to your home. Please note: This vase is not waterproof and should only be used with dried flowers.

This item is sold as size S (1 piece).

Invite the Terracotta Vase into your home and enjoy a stylish, sustainable, and spiritually mindful decor.

color black
Height (cm) 14
width (cm) 13
Length (cm) 13
Materials Terracotta
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