We believe your home is a manifestation of your current self, it can either help you grow or keep you restless. Create harmonious living spaces with natural home decor that balances your energy body, sparks creativity, and supports you on your journey to ultimate tranquility, wellbeing and personal growth

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Elevate your home with our mindful home decor, from clay vases to... 


Tresurri partners with hand-picked brands that embrace our mission. We want to offer the widest possible range and therefore work with different brands. All brands can be found on this page, and will be updated continuously.


Invites you on a faraway journey to the dancing islands, ancient traditions and heavenly beaches of Indonesia. The Belgian interior design brand that was born out of a lifelong passion for travel, creates highly original design pieces made from eco-friendly materials such as water hyacinth, rattan and bamboo. The extensive collection includes woven carpets, lamps, cushions, ceramics, chairs and many other interior and fashion items in soft colours such as beige, brown, white and also black. Carefully selected design pieces that consistently embody originality, quality, innovation and craftsmanship. Bazar Bizar brings that wonderful touch of Balinese culture one by one to the four corners of the earth, according to BAZAR BIZAR and therefore also to our webshop.