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The S'il vous Plaid - Beige Black

The S'il vous Plaid - Beige Black

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Transform your living space into a sanctuary of calm and harmony with our sustainable cotton plaids. These boho style plaids are designed to not only improve your interior but also improve your wellbeing. Made from soft natural cotton, these plaids feel incredibly soft, helping your senses to relax and calm down after a long day.

Natural materials like cotton support a harmonious energy flow in your house and your own energy body, making you feel more relaxed and balanced. Whether you use them to create a cozy reading nook, a comfortable meditation corner, or simply as a stylish item on your couch in your living room, bedroom, or covered outdoor space, these plaids are the ultimate pieces to style your home with on your journey to inner harmony and balance.

-This unique textile product is handmade and dyed, giving each individual item its own personality. Minor color variations should not be considered a defect, but rather a distinctive characteristic of the product.

Color Beige Black
Width (cm) 170
Length (cm) 130
Materials Soft Cotton
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