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The Pretty candleholder - Antique grey - S

The Pretty candleholder - Antique grey - S

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Step into a realm of serenity with our handcrafted Terracotta and Raffia Candle Holders. These unique pieces blend natural terracotta with intricately woven raffia, creating a perfect harmony of earthy tones and bohemian style. Ideal for those who cherish eco-living, sustainable living, and mindful decor.

Each candle holder is crafted to enhance your space with a calming and peaceful ambiance. The natural materials not only add beauty but also promote a connection to the earth, making these holders a spiritual addition to your home. Whether you're meditating, relaxing, or simply enjoying a quiet evening, the gentle flicker of candlelight will envelop you in a soothing glow.

size S (1 item)

color Antique grey
Height (cm) 12
width (cm) 13
Length (cm) 13
Materials Raffia, Terracotta
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