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The pineapple napking ring - Gold

The pineapple napking ring - Gold

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Elevate your dining experience to one of pure indulgence with our solid brass pineapple napkin ring! Intricately detailed and exquisitely crafted, this napkin ring is a true masterpiece. 

Inspired by the tropical essence of the pineapple—a symbol of hospitality and abundance—this ring brings a touch of mindful luxury to your table setting. 

Pair it with our matching brass cutlery collection, featuring an array of spoons and forks, to create a cohesive and elegant dining experience. 

Transform your table into a radiant and inviting space, welcoming your guests with the warmth and elegance of tropical charm.

Color Gold
Height (cm) 5
Width (cm) 6
Length (cm) 7
Materials Brass
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