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The Samanea sidetable - Natural

The Samanea sidetable - Natural

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Introducing our unique side table made from suarwood, crafted with organic materials that embody a beautiful bohemian vibe for your livingroom or outdoor space. This unique piece not only adds a touch of bohemian style to your space but also embodies the principles of relaxation and mindfulness. This piece is made from natural elements, which makes it resonate with the earth's frequencies, promoting a harmonious energy flow within your home. Embrace the calming essence of this beautiful boho side table, allowing its serene presence to enhance your well-being and elevate your mindful living experience.

(To view this product, refer to the smallest side table in the pictures)

Color Natural
Where to use? Indoor - covered outdoor
Materials Suarwood
Height (cm) 30
Width (cm) 35
Length (cm) 35
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